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How it works

Clicboutic is the #1 place to outsource Prestashop projects. No agency contracts. No hassle.

  • Project rates starting at 79€/hour
  • Work done in-house by our experts on staff
  • Fast turnaround. Unlimited revisions.


You need help with your PrestaShop store

Start by creating a simple project brief, or browse our marketplace for predefined projects and assets.


Submit a custom project

You’ll get a free estimate. Once approved, our project managers will gather the right people on the team to work closely with you on your project.

  • Only takes a couple minutes
  • Captures your project specs
  • From small and simple to complex project



Shop our Marketplace

Explore our marketplace with hundreds of pre-defined project ideas that have had a positive impact on our customers’ stores.

  • Lots of ideas for your PrestaShop store
  • Select a project and submit
  • We clarify expectations and get started


We match you with top Prestashop experts on our team

Our team gets started on your project. We keep you updated via the designated workroom.

  • Simple, friendly communication
  • Direct access to the expert assigned
  • Prompt replies to revisions and changes

What can I get developed and designed?chevron icon

If it’s possible with PrestaShop, we can do it. Theme customizations, custom theme sections, fixes to code and images, + much more. For project inspiration, you can browse our service marketplace.

How long does it take?chevron icon

Every project estimate comes with a clear timeline, with express options offered. We are quicker to assess and start projects than our competitors thanks to our special client area, which allows for quick communication and execution of projects.

How much does it cost?chevron icon

Our project estimates start at 79€/hour, and we provide different budget options depending on timeframe. Usually, projects will range in the 1-10 hour range. If you complete several projects with us, you’ll experience added value as the relationship evolves.


Finalize your project and continue working together

Once you’re happy with your project, you can begin discussing your next project together.

  • Unlimited revisions until it's 100% right
  • Push to your live store when you're ready
  • Receive files or documentation

How do I add to the project scope?chevron icon

You may add to the project scope while it’s in progress. We will assess the new requirements and provide an estimate. Some added requirements will increase complexity and costs, while others will be simpler.

Where is the project history stored?chevron icon

All your project history, transactions and communication with our team, are stored in your Clicboutic client area for easy reference.

Can I keep working with my developer or designer?chevron icon

Yes, of course! If you’ve enjoyed your experience with an expert, we can align you with them for your next projects – as long as their skill set matches with you requirements.

What do our customers say?

Over 3,000 PrestaShop projects have used Clicboutic to help improve their stores

« I’ve been a Clicboutic customer since 2013 when I launched my online store. Thanks to their support, my sales have been steadily increasing ever since. »

Jamal Chakouki
Jamal Chakouki

« I use their developers every month and I’m very happy with their work. If you are not a Prestashop pro and you need help to customize your store, I recommend their team. »

Sarah Pouchet
Sarah Pouchet

« I’ve been using Clicboutic since 2008 and they never disappoint. The team is professional, responsive and a pleasure to work with 🙂 I trust them with my business 100%. »

Marie-Noëlle Grosse
Marie-Noëlle Grosse